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I remember the days when I wasnt so happy... . : @lydiahudgens . Thinking back to before I started living my truth. I often look at pictures and just see someone lost for words. No voice. I wasnt always so well spoken. In fact, getting across my point usually involved a ton of anger. . We shouldnt ever police someones tone. But when your tone is muffled by frustration, it is often hard for the listener to truly grasp what youre trying to say. . That tension from anger, in conversation, puts the mind and body into defense mode. The listener begins to think irrationally and isnt even listening what youre saying. They are thinking of the next thing to say, which clouds their ability to understand you. . I remember when everything I had to say was angry. Angry, because I couldnt find mental solace. Angry, because I despised the way I was treated. Angry, for things I wanted to change, but couldnt. . I let the biases others had always said about me, rattle me. I didnt understand then how to block out that hate. As I got older, and my skin got thicker, I started learned how to manage those thoughts. . Often your anger is valid. It stems from things you wish werent so. Take a step back, calm your mind, and try to explain your frustration. The more you bottle your emotions, the more unhappy your life will become. . There are tons of chances to hear someone out. Find a voice worth listening too. . #premmeirl #slayyourownway #trans #transgender #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #lifeadvice #model #transmodel #plussizemodel #plussizefashion #fat #effyourbeautystandards #bodydiversity #advice #life #selfawareness #selfcare #bbw #lgbtqia #goldenconfidence #andigetdressed #plussize

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